Just in; fabulous quality leather bracelets printed with inspiring and uplifting messages that actually make a difference. All the celebs are wearing these right now and you can too. Good Work(s) Make A Difference is Fashion with a PURPOSE. A company created as a dynamic lifestyle by expressing essential virtues and wisdom through fashion and showing random acts of kindness to spread and elevate humanitarianism. They believe that doing good matters and they are committed to donating 25% of net profits to good causes to inspire, empower and give hope to one individual, one family, and one community at a time.

Their mission is simple; to make the most fashionable, inspirational, and empowering merchandise that inspires doing Good Work(s). Join the movement to spread random acts of kindness and encourage doing good works to children and families in need. Together we make a difference by making this world a happier place.

Plain buckle bracelets are 18.95 and the gorgeous long wraps are 29.95 – both well below the RRP. Come and get yours soon!