Now in the shop, we’ve got five colours and four sizes of elasticated, woven belts.

This genuinely is a game-changer; a regular belt with holes is only adjustable every inch or so, is either too tight or too loose and isn’t, for most people, the best solution to keeping your trousers up.

Enter this webbing, woven, elasticated belt. Infinitely adjustable along its entire length, you can adjust it to give you the perfect fit for utter, day-long comfort. Then, when you move, it moves with you.

Sitting, standing, driving, working, golfing, gardening, bowling – every activity is a pleasure when you don’t have to worry about your comfort. They are a big hit with professional drivers and the, ahem, larger person, but equally popular with people of all sizes.

Perfect for everyone, male or female, young or old – they look great in chinos, shorts, jeans and go to work in many a suit too.

And, with FREE DELIVERY, now’s the time to stop hitching and start switching!

Four sizes to choose from, use our real-world guide to find the right one for you. We’ve given around ten inches (25cm) of sweet-spot fitting but remember that you can use the entire length of the belt.

Small – 28″ to 38″ (71cm to 97cm)
Medium – 32″ to 42″ (81cm to 107cm)
Large – 36″ to 46″ (91cm to 117 cm)
X Large 40″ to 50″ (101cm to 127cm)