Brilliant accessories and gifts. Realistic prices.



Real Silver Studs. Realistic Price!

We’ve got a terrific range of new real silver ear studs; all hand-made and a perfect size to wear every day. And at only £8.95 they are amazing value. We regularly see studs of this size at two to three times the price of ours.

Come and see the range for yourself, we’ve got new designs being made all the time and they make a great gift for someone special too. They come on a handy storage card but just ask and we’ll wrap them for you.



“This bag contains my face.”

And other slogans too on some very well-made, top quality purses and makeup bags coming in any day now at £12.95 each. Perfect original gifts for a special someone!

Just arrived! And selling fast too!

As promised, here’s some of the bracelets from our latest delivery, these arrived last week and have been very popular indeed. These are from our excellent and exciting new supplier and the prices are some of the lowest we have in the shop. Come and check them out!


Live, Love, Laugh…

Wise words and good advice too; we’ve some fantastic new lines coming in from a brand-new supplier that we’re very excited about and this is just a teaser of what is about to arrive. We’ll be posting a few more images soon. But in the meanwhile, here’s one we think you’ll love and at only £7.95 each, what’s not to like?

New Designs Now In!

Coming in today, lots of new scarves! We’ve got camels, flamingoes and hedgehogs. Not pictured are a new dragonfly, small elephants and cherries. Come and check them out soon and don’t forget, they’re all still 3 for 2! Wow!

Small Flamingo Hedgehog
Small Flamingo

Fabulous New Scarves Now In!

Some in now and some coming in very soon, check out some all-new designs in our super-wide, super-soft scarves. All part of our three-for-two offer which you’ve told us to keep running. So we have! Come and check them out soon!

Bfly 2 Bird on wire Butterfly Mini Horse Ladybird Dog Dfly bug Rabbits Cats Dfly 2

New scarves now in – Fantastic designs!

Just arrived: more superb designs in our oversize printed scarves; rabbits, cherries, birds and more. These are properly large – 1.7m x 1m, super-soft and excellent quality. The only thing that could possibly make them even better would be if we put them in our 3 for 2 offer. Oh, we have! What are you waiting for? Come and get yours now!

Beautiful New Bird Scarf – Now In

Continuing our bird theme in our spring/summer scarf range, here’s one that arrived today and we think this is our nicest one yet. One metre wide, 1.7m long and super soft, it features hand-drawn birds with their names. Only £9.95 each and part of our three for two scarf offer. Come and check them out soon!

Nyan Cat arrives at Indigo Bay…

Just in: some new designs in our wristband range, including Nyan Cat. Don’t know what Nyan Cat is? Chances are a teenager near you does. If not, check this out, but be warned:Nyan Cat it really won’t make your life any richer…

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